Welcome at the Flipper 2: Flush the goldfish press page!

Flipper 2: Flush the goldfish is an amazing 2D platform game that is played with only one button!
Thanks to the fantastic animations (over 200 frames for Flush alone) made by Paul Veer and awesome
backgrounds by Roy Natan de Groot (both from Super Crate Box fame) this game features a fantastic
cartoony look and feel.

You will see some truly bizarre things in this videogame, things you havenít seen before!

The game design, programming, tools and levels are made by me (Hugo Smits). I worked for around a year
on this game from my bedroom, and I'm very happy to share the game with you and the rest of the world!

official website : https://flushthegoldfish.com

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If you would like to have an interview,review/preview or article on your website please donít hesitate to
contact me at goodbyegalaxygames Ďatí gmail Ďdotí com. After working on this game for more than a year
I'm very proud and happy to show it to the world, no matter how big or small your website/blog is!!

 General game info

Flush is the name of a pet goldfish, and... Super Hero Extraordinaire! Flush is not an easy fish to catch
and he will BITE when his master - and best friend - is kidnapped!

"Fish slap" your way through hordes of kitties and turn evil baby seals into fish sticks while you're at it...
Random Castle mode features 300+ rooms all playable in any theme and any difficulty! That's one meaty fish!

 Gameplay info

- Flipper 2 is a hardcore platform game that uses only 1 (one!) button to play.

- The world is dived in multiple rooms (300+), each room is one screen big.

- In each room the player starts at the left side of the screen and has to exit at the right side. In between are enemies, traps and some coins.

- In each room the player has a different action that he can perform by pressing the one button.

- So for example, in one room pressing the A button might result in shooting. In the next room pressing the A button might result in jumping.

- Itís up to the player to quickly figure out what the action is, and how he can use it to avoid the enemies and traps before he dies!

 What is what

num 1: At the left is your current score. It will increase
when you kill or avoid enemies. It will decrease when you die.

On the right is the number of times you pressed the action button. At the
end it will be calculated into your final score. The less you press the
better your final score will be!

num 2: Every trap or enemy you avoid or kill will give you some score. The harder the obstacle, the higher the score!

num 3: Enemies will fly into the screen from the right.

num 4: The player starts at the left side of the screen and needs to exit at the right side. He can preform a special action in every room. Use this action to avoid or kill your obstacles!

num 5: The bottom screen shows what the action is in the current room.

num 6: This is a checkpoint. A bonus game is played here. If the player loses all his lives, he will go back to the checkpoint. In random castle mode there's only 1 checkpoint per castle, in story mode there are 2.

num 7: This shows the player progress through the castle.

num 8: The pause button. Press it to pause the game (can also be done with the X,Y and start button).

num 9: The Hi-score for the mode that is played. The player has to try to beat it!

num 10: The lifes of the player. The player starts out with 7 of them, if he dies he loses one. If he loses all he has to go back to either the start or a checkpoint.

 What's in the game

The game features a story mode, random castle mode and level editor!

Story Mode: This is basically the tutorial of the game. You travel through various castles to get
your best friend and owner back. The rooms start off easy and end pretty hard. You even have to defeat an
endboss in the last castle!

Random castle mode: This is the main mode of the game. It generates a castle out of 300+ rooms that
are all playable in different themes. You can even select the difficulty (easy,medium,hard).

The castles aren't too long (between 5 and 10 min of play time). Making it perfect for short bursts of
handheld gaming!

Because there are so many actions and rooms and because you can play them in different themes, you keep
coming back to this mode for more!

Level editor: If 300+ rooms is not enough, you can try to make your own. The level editor is extremely
easy to use, yet gives you all the assets that I (the creator) had to build the levels.

You can play the levels in any theme as well!


Download flipper2_artwork_pack1.zip (3,58 MB) here. (includes very hi-res images)


Download flipper2_screenshot_pack1.zip (160 KB) here.


Download trailer (mp4 format) here.
For more trailers and info check out my youtube channel here : http://www.youtube.com/GoodbyeGalaxyGames

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